Our products are all genuine and cultivated with the respect of the land and its tradition. All contribute in preserving the highest standards in tuscan oil and wine making expertize. In their simplicity they reveal a taste that is rich in antique memories.
Chianti DOCG
Since 1819 Tenuta di Colle Alberti is a family owned agricultural farm. Care for the land and the tuscan tradition give origin to the Chianti produced by us, a red wine of dry and authentic taste and velvet consistency, which perfectly completes the tastes of our local dishes.

Organolectic Characteristics:
Colour: lively rubin red with garnet shades when it ages.
Smell: intense, winish
Taste: harmonious, slightly tannic
Alcohol: 12,5%
Gastronomy: wine for entire meal, perfect in accompanying first courses, white and red meats, game, hams and cheeses.
Service temperature: Around 16/18 Degrees Celcius. During the summer season it is perfect also fresh around 14 Degrees Celcius. Condividi

BiancoDuva Toscano
The BiancoDuva has the colour of gold and the intense taste of tuscan grapes. In the Tenuta di Colle Alberti, the Trebbiano vines grow reflected by the grain and sunflower plains. This enhances the intensity and warmth of the goldish colour as well as its aromatic properties.

Organolectic Characteristics:
Colour: intense yellow
Smell: intense, fruited, with floreal notes
Taste: full, harmonious
Alcohol: 12,00%
Gastronomy: perfect for accompanying snacks, soups and fish
Service Temperature: around 12 Degrees Celcius

Extravirgin Olive Oil
The oil of Tenuta di Colle Alberti is produced in very low quantities and for this reason the care dedicated in its production makes it a highly exquisite product. Still today, the olives are picked manually and pressed the same day. The oil of first squeezing that is obtained has an intense colour and a taste that recalls the sweetness of the tuscan hills.

Organolectic Characteristics:
Colour: green
Smell: olive fruited
Taste: slightly bitter, "pizzichino"