Organoleptic characteristics Its green and intense colour, with glimmers of gold, recall its distinct fragrance of olive, with hints of fruit. The flavour is slightly bitter with a mild fizzy, especially as soon as it is produced. Fruited, aromatic and harmonious are the qualities of our oil.

Cultivar Frantoio 40%
Moraiolo 30%
Leccino 30%

Soil type Clayey-limestone

Frangitura In late autumn the olives are hand-picked and pressed the very same day, using the traditional pressing method.

Suggestions Olive oil should be kept away from light and heat sources.

Pairing This extra virgin olive oil is best suited to dishes which let the flavour of the oil shine. In order to fully enjoy its high quality, it is suitable for raw condiment to dress salads, Bruschette, pinzimonio and soups as well as for dipping freshly-baked bread.

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Download product sheet